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Villanova Monteleone extends to the west of the Mountain Community, between the towns of Alghero and Bosa in the province of Nuoro. Wet from the sea for a length of 14 km coast with high and very jagged, ranging from "Poglina" in "Sa Murena". A characteristic beach is set in a small inlet called the "Abandoned Tower", next to which stands the Church of Hope, known for the beautiful bluish chalcedony concrete evidence in the form of stalactites and stalagmites of great beauty. The heights of the coasts reach 500 meters and from them descend steep seasonal streams in "S'Istrampu de su Segnore" form a very respectable waterfall.

Villanova Panorama

The territory reaches its maximum height (718 m) in the tip called "Pedra Ettori", "Stone of Victory", in memory of a victorious battle by the inhabitants against the Turks predators; the area is also known today as "Pigada de sos Turcos" (Salita dei Turchi). Other major hills are Fulcadu Monte, Monte and Monte Ruju Cuccu. A special mention must go to Monte Minerva (644 m) for its historical importance and for its beauty; it is indeed an imposing bastion with a flat and horizontal summit from trachyte walls high and precipitous, interspersed with tufa formations more tender; completely isolated on a vast plateau that juts out on the east.

A hike in these hills is advisable, discovering natural beauty, rich in unspoiled corners of sources; to enjoy traditional cuisine in the many local farmhouse. Many of these springs feed the river I fear that comes from the mountain Pedra Ettori, crosses its territory almost to the settlement of the country and, by bending to the south, goes into the sea of ​​Bosa. Feature is the road that leads from Alghero to Villanova, called Scala Piccada, on which, until a few years ago was played an interesting car race.


Sa Murena

Arriving at the roadhouse, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view on the Riviera del Corallo, closed the horizon from the promontory of Capo Caccia, which the locals call "The sleeping giant" for the shape of a sleeping man who takes on the rock. If you pass by here around sunset, the visual domain that you can make out is really wonderful and remarkable emotional impact. It is envisaged in the policy plans of the Province (the project is already in the implementation phase), the construction of a link road, to enhance the unique and wild coastline of its territory, overlooking the sea along the scenic coast road Alghero-Bosa.

Rocce verdi

To the south, along this road, they stand on the sea and the rugged solitary Marargiu Cape expanses. The Villanova area was inhabited much earlier epoch of the birth of the city center. There are, in fact, many archaeological sites of great importance.

Costume Villanova

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