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from our garden for your organic breakfast

Ferom our garden for your organic breakfast

From our garden for your organic breakfast. Every morning we collect our seasonal vegetables to make our guests prepare the best breakfasts, healthy and organic.

le zucchine dell'orto di Albergo diffuso Villanova Monteleone

The seasonal goodness of our garden

To us who live here, in our beloved Sardinia, thanks to its spaces, its sea, its greenery, its flora, its land, its traditions to its inhabitants, this enchanting land gives us health every day, well-being and new inspirations.

Roseto Minerva
Roseto Minerva

Being able to share this wealth with the new guests who come more and more each year to discover us to rest, but also to know more and more our culture, our history, our traditions, our folklore, is a great pleasure and satisfaction.

horse ride heading to the sea side
Horse ride in the direction of the Maritime Coast

And passing from the vast spaces of Sardinia to our precious vegetable garden. Located just behind the breakfast terrace of the Albergo Diffuso Villanova Monteleone.

fiori di zucca dell nostro orto

Here you will find a natural oasis where you can do “orthotherapy”. You can immerse yourself with nature in your own hands. Take care of a corner of the vegetable garden and why not collect what you prefer from yourself.

Le patate dal Nostro Orto

To bring the freshness and authenticity of our vegetables to your organic breakfast for the next day, or to prepare a packed lunch or a 100% natural dinner. Thanks to the fully equipped kitchen available to all our guests.

“From our garden for your organic breakfast.”
We are waiting to welcome you and we are sure that we will not disappoint your expectations!
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